8 Top Natural Heartburn Remedies

natural heartburn remediesDespite the name, heartburn has nothing to do with the heart. It occurs when an acid in the stomach, instead of staying put, splashes upstream into the oesophagus, the tube that connects to the mouth of the stomach. While the stomach is designed to withstand acid, the oesophagus is not. Each splash of the acid literally scorches the delicate lining of the oesophagus. That is what causes the burn of heartburn. Heartburn is rarely serious and can easily be treated at home with a few simple natural heartburn remedies.

Natural heartburn Remedies

Drink a glass of water: One of the best natural heartburn remedies  is to simply  drink a glass of water. This helps dilute and wash away acid in the oesophagus before it has the chance to burn. Drinking with meals make heartburn much less likely to occur.

Avoid high-fat foods: One of the natural heartburn remedies is to avoid high fat foods.Studies have shown that chocolate, french fries, and other high-fat foods can cause the protective muscles in the oesophagus to lose its grip, which allows the stomach acid to squirt upward

Skip the breath mints: Peppermints and spearmint may freshen your breath, but they can also feed the fires of heartburn by weakening the valves in the oesophagus. Smoking does the same thing, so having an after-dinner cigarette can “burn” in more ways than one.

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Eat a little less: Any time you put a lot of food into the stomach, acid levels rise, making it much more likely to splash upstream. Eating smaller meals more often will help keep acid levels in the stomach low and away from the oesophagus.

Give yourself a rise: One of the best natural heartburn remedies is to give yourself a rise. When you lie down after eating, gravity works against you, making it easier for acid in the stomach to enter the oesophagus. Sitting upright for a few hours after meals will keep acid where it belongs. Some people find  propping themselves up with pillows when they sleep or raising the head of the bed can also help prevent heartburn

Consider a diet: When you are overweight, there is more pressure on the abdomen, which can cause the muscles in the oesophagus to lose its grip

Do not eat late at night: One of the best natural heartburn remedies is to avoid eating late at late.When you eat late at night, the stomach produces acids that may linger long past bedtime. Then when you lie down, the acid is much more likely to o creep upstream, causing heartburn and keeping you awake at night. It is a good idea not to eat anything within few hours of your bedtime.

Check your medications:  A number of prescription drugs ,including birth control pills, antihistamines, and heart medications have been known to weaken muscles in the oesophagus. If you are having heartburn, ask your doctor if medications may be responsible and if changing drugs might help.

When to see a doctor

If you suffer heartburn daily or several times a week, or if you sometimes have chest pain or a tight uncomfortable feelings in your chest, call a doctor immediately. The pain caused by heartburn is very similar to the pain caused by real heart problems, including heart attacks. Don’t take chances if you are not sure. Get to a doctor  right away

Source:Natural Healing Secrets by Brian Chichester

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