7 tips on how to cure hangover: Best hangover Remedy

How to cure hangover

how to cure hangover

So, you had a fun night out on the town last night with your romantic partner or a few close friends.  Although you may have had a great time the night before, you may be feeling a little bit “weird,” the next day, especially if you consumed alcohol.  If alcohol was consumed, you may be experiencing the ever so dreaded hangover.

Anyone who has every experienced a hangover before knows the feeling of just wanting it all to go away.  Unfortunately, many individuals believe that there is no “cure,” for a hangover.  Although cure may not be the best word used to describe seeking treatment, there are a number of natural remedies which many claim do provide hangover relief.  You are looking to relieve yourself from a hangover, please continue reading on as a few of these natural remedies, as well as tips for your next alcohol drinking outing are highlighted below.

How to cure hangover: Water-best hangover remedy

Water is a natural best hangover remedy.  Before heading to sleep, after a night of drinking, drinking a lot of water can assist with your hangover the next morning.  Alcohol, especially when consumed in large amounts, can impact a body’s hydration, which can result in unpleasant feelings the next morning.  That is why a glass or two of water before bed is a great idea.  The next morning, as soon as you wake, start drinking even more water.  In addition to helping to treat a hangover, drinking water before you starting consuming alcohol also has a number of benefits.

How to cure hangover: Eating-best hangover remedy

Eating can also help with  hangover from too much alcohol consumption.  Eating should be done before, during, and after alcohol consumption.  Most importantly, it is important not to consume large amounts of alcohol on an empty stomach.  This increases a drinker’s likelihood of becoming intoxicated or drunk, and it also increases the chances of a hangover the next morning.  Eating before, during, or after alcohol consumption can slow down the rate in which alcohol is absorbed into the body and bloodstream.

How to cure hangover: Vitamin C- best hangover remedy

As for vitamins, which many individuals turn to when looking for a natural remedy, vitamin C is recommended for hangover relief.   Vitamin C helps to breakdown the alcohol in your body by resisting the hangover, preventing one, shortening its length, or reducing symptoms.

How to cure hangover: Vitamin B- best hangover cure

Vitamin B is recommended for hangover relief too.  It has been claimed that vitamin B helps to shorten the length of a hangover.  Vitamin C  can also help to breakdown the alcohol in your body by resisting the hangover, preventing one, shortening its length, or reducing symptoms.

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How to cure hangover: Limit alcohol consumption- best hangover remedy

An extra tip to help on how to cure  hangover involves limiting alcohol consumption.  Many professionals recommend placing yourself with one alcoholic drink an hour, as anything else increases the chances of a hangover.  As previously stated, eating before, during, and after alcohol consumption can help with hangovers, so that you don’t  drink on an empty stomach.  Eating, even just snacking, while drinking will reduce the amount of alcohol consumed, as you are doing something other than just drinking.  Also, some mixed drinks, especially those that are tasty, fruity, or sugary, should be avoided, as it is hard for some drinkers to gauge the amount of alcohol they are actually consuming.

How to cure hangover headache

When it comes to how to cure hangover headache, there are many individuals who take pain relievers.  Of course, this approach will work for many, but it is not natural.  If you are concerned with what you are putting in your body, you may be looking for a more natural way  on how to cure hangover headache often associated with hangovers.

How to cure hangover headache:Place a cold pack on the head

best hangover remedyA natural way on how to cure hangover headache associated with a hangover is to place a cold pack on the head; however, a ziplock bag filled with ice will also do.

How to cure hangover headache :Get extra rest- best hangover cure


Depending on the activities that you have planned for the day, consider getting extra rest, preferably with an ice pack on your head or neck.

The above mentioned natural remedies  are just a few of the many  ways that you can use  on how to cure  hangover.  Also, the tips mentioned above can also reduce your chances of having a hangover following the consumption of alcohol.

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